25 proverbs in English with meaning

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25 Proverbs in English with meaning

Do you want to know proverbs that you can use in your speeches or some formal situations? Here we are with 25 proverbs in English with meanings that can enhance your writing skills to an exceptional level! But wait, are you confused about the difference between idioms and proverbs? Don’t worry my friend, I already have a solution for you. Click here to know the difference between idioms and proverbs and then come back here to read my list of 25 proverbs in English with meaning.

Let’s first understand the meaning of proverb!


Proverbs are statements that convey philosophical meaning. They are self-contained and precise statements and are mostly used in formal situations or speeches. They are used when we sometimes tend to advise other people but we try to give them a hint by some philosophical phrases or by any story which conveys a philosophical idea.

Let’s move ahead with my list of 25 proverbs in English with meaning!

25 Proverbs in English with meaning

Proverb 1: “A stich in time saves nine”

This proverb teaches us the importance of time. It means we should address small problems promptly. By addressing small problems promptly, we can prevent it from becoming a larger one which will help in saving your time. For instance, if a machine is not working properly today but it starts working properly from outside tomorrow. So you don’t know what actually the problem is and you are basically ignoring the problem which is not right. In this case, if the problem is ignored, maybe the machine would stop working one day!

Proverb 2: “Actions speak louder than words”

There are many ideas, thoughts and blueprints going on in your mind but you are not taking action on them. You must firstly pen down your blueprint on a piece of paper and then your action would speak for you! So this proverb stresses more significance over words rather than fake promises. Your actions are most important rather than just daydreaming about your success. You must take action to achieve success.

Stick to my list of 25 proverbs in English with meaning and you will get a chance to know more interesting stories in each proverb!

Proverb 3: “Birds of a feather flock together”


You choose your friends which are just like you. You will not be able to match the vibe with an individual who is not like you (I know opposites attract but…). So this proverb highlights that we tend to make only like-minded individuals our friends. People with similar interest, characteristics or beliefs tend to form groups or communities.

Proverb 4: “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”

For instance, you are a freelancer and you’re not able to make money there. Have patience my friend! You cannot become rich overnight. Success is for sure not achieved overnight. This proverb advises us that we should wait patiently rather than acting prematurely on future events or outcomes. This reminds us that it is wise to wait for something to materialize before relying on it or celebrating its occurrence.

Proverb 5: “Every cloud has a silver lining”

Everyone face challenges in their life. The level of the challenges may differ but the hope for something optimistic is the same. But too much optimism is dangerous. This proverb reminds us to be positive while facing challenges. It encourages to be optimistic and look for potential opportunities. It suggests that we should look for the silver lining, the hidden benefit, or hopeful outcome, amidst challenging circumstances.

I know you would be thinking about your problems but don’t worry my friend, God always have some hidden things that are good for us, and they will definitely gift us those things one day!

Now move ahead with my list of 25 proverbs in English with meanings!

Proverb 6: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”


Sometimes you cannot see what the other person is seeing. For instance, some people look a half watered glass as half glass filled with water and some may call it half empty glass. So this proverb stresses focus on the different perspectives of every person. It means it depends on us what we see. What one individual find attractive may not be eye pleasing for someone else. For instance, not everyone feels peace with nature; they want their mobile phones even when having a peaceful moment in nature.

Proverb 7: “Don’t bite the hand that feed you”

This proverb advises you that you must not mistreat the person who supports you in your tough times. You must respect that person in every way possible. It will also help you in developing the feeling of gratefulness in your heart and maintaining good relationships with those who help or assist us.

Proverb 8: “Ignorance is bliss”

Though ignoring your health is dangerous but there are certain things which are not necessary or worth knowing. Sometimes to be unaware about something helps us in a positive way. It helps us to not have a burden of it on our mind. For instance, you are having your exams and you are unaware about your cousin sister’s wedding which is organized on the last day of your exams. And your parents didn’t told you about it so that you could study well for your last exam. In this case, ignorance is definitely a bliss!

Proverb 9: “A penny saved is a penny earned”


Sometimes our parents try to save money in various instances. Sometimes they use bicycles for short distances rather than wasting petrol/diesel. They even sometimes bargain with the street vendors and shopkeepers. They are trying to save money which is also a kind of hidden income. We do not realize it but it is a hidden income. So, its good to save a penny where we can because a penny saved is a penny earned!

A small tip: Not just try to save money, investment is also important my friend!

Moving ahead with my list of 25 proverbs in English with meaning.

Proverb 10: “Look before you leap”

Your parents sometimes advise you that you must think twice before taking any action so that you may not stuck into hasty consequences. You must know the potential positive and negative outcomes of your decision. Whimsical actions always lead to unexpected or undesired outcomes. So you must look before you leap!

I’m quite sure you will definitely not regret your action of reading these 25 proverbs in English with meanings. Continue reading please!

Proverb 11: “All glitters is not gold”

Sometimes your parents advise you to not indulge in the things which are attractive from their external version. For instance, you come across an advertisement of job which is offering you 2x salary than your previous job, luxurious benefits and glamourous work environment. But after closely inspecting, you found that it is a scam. So, this proverb teaches us that we should not just get attracted by the external view of anything at first glance. You may not know what other scams are involved in it!

Proverb 12: “The early bird catches the worm”

For instance, you and your cousin are preparing for your competitive exam to be conducted in next three months. You are studying well in advance, making a study schedule and revising the material regularly. But your cousin is procrastinating his studies by saying that there is much time left. So, studying in advance helped you to crack your exam with good marks. So, this proverb emphasizes the benefits of being proactive and taking actions before others do. This proverb also reminds us that taking action promptly and proactively helps us in achieving success in various aspects of life.

You are an early bird to read my list of 25 proverbs in English with meaning

Proverb 13: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Now, this is a very common proverb that you’ve heard most of the times. Judging someone on the basis of their looks makes us narrow-minded. By judging at first sight only makes our mind judgmental and then we are not able to see our flaws. So, you cannot decide what knowledge a book is offering you just by seeing its cover page only. May be that book or a person can give you a life lesson which will help you (not now) but somewhere in your life!

Proverb 14: “Out of sight, out of mind”

Suppose you are helping your college mates in organizing an event and you participated in it because of the certificate that you will receive after the completion of the event. And without any prior notice to your team, you stopped coming to the college. What will happen now? Simple, they will contact some other student. And you would be auto rejected for further such events. That is what called out of sight, out of mind. If you are not visible for anyone, people will eventually forget you. This also sometimes lead to imbalanced relationships.

Proverb 15: “Better late than never”

Suppose you want to learn to play guitar but due to lack of time you were unable to learn it. You are feeling discouraged that you never tried to make time for it. Why? You have your present moment. You can learn it now also. So, this proverb suggests that it is preferable to take action later rather than not doing it at all. It encourages a positive outlook urging individual to seize opportunities, pursue goals, and take action, regardless of the timing or setbacks.

(No worries my friend, if you were unaware of some amazing proverbs. Better late than never!)

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Moving ahead with my list of 25 Proverbs in English with meaning.

Proverb 16: “The grass is always greener on the other side”

I’m sure you must have thought this once in your life that the life of actors is so easy and glamorous. It seems like they just have to act what they are told and nothing else. They are living a luxurious life. But no one knows the amount of stress, long working hours, chemical make-up on the face and if the shoot is of night, they can’t deny that. No matter what, they have to act. So, we only see the external view of the acting as profession. You will always think that you have less when you see others having more.

You will always find that the grass is greener on the other side only. But that’s not the case my friend! Be grateful for what you have!

Proverb 17: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”

Suppose you are standing in a bakery shop; you only have Rs 30; you are confused that should you buy a cream roll or a pastry. My friend, you can only have one thing only. You can’t have two things within Rs 30. This proverb highlights that you cannot have two contradictory things at one time. You have to make a decision based on your priority. You cannot go to a party if you have your exam the other day (exceptions are always there!).

Proverb 18: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Whenever you see a successful person, you always think that this person might be lucky enough to have this luxurious life or might be he has achieved success overnight. As I said earlier, success can never be achieved overnight. You only see the success of that person, but you never see the real view of their consistency, perseverance and determined actions. So, whatever they are today, they are not here in just one day. It took several days, months and years to reach here; to climb the ladder of success. And that is why we say that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took time and patience!

Also, thank you so much for your patience and sticking to my list 25 proverbs in English with meanings till here!

Moving ahead…

Proverb 19: “Two wrongs don’t make a right”

This proverb means that responding a wrong doing with a wrong doing does not make it right. For instance, if you are seeing people throwing garbage on the road, so that does not mean that you should do the same because everyone is doing it. If someone is not behaving in a right manner with you then you should not just unknowingly follow the same. This proverb encourages individuals to seek peaceful resolution, understands different perspectives, promote fairness and justice.

Proverb 20: “Laughter is the best medicine”


Whenever you are in your tough times, just laugh for a minute or two. Laugh even when you are not feeling it. But after few seconds you will feel light. Laughter acts as a coping mechanism. It allows us to temporarily detach from our problems and stress and re-energizes us to tackle them with an open mind. Don’t ever think that there is no point in laughing when you are not actually feeling it. Try it as an experiment and you will have different observations every time but with the same result that is your relaxed and open mind!

Laugh for few seconds please…no cheating okay!

I have a laughter medicine for you. Click here if you want to laugh more!

Feeling better? Great! Now move ahead with my list of 25 proverbs in English with meaning.

Proverb 21: “Easy come, easy go”

When you acquire or gain something so easily and without effort, that thing is likely to be lost or taken away quickly. I am not saying that because of any myth associated with this proverb. This proverb reminds us to be grateful to the things which we have earned through hard work, perseverance and dedication. We sometimes forget to cherish what we have in our present because the excitement of gaining it decreases day by day. This proverb encourages a sense of gratitude in us.

Proverb 22: “Two heads are better than one”

Suppose you are working on a research project. But the work of the project is day by day increasing and you need someone to tackle it. Now you are realizing the importance of teamwork. So, this proverb emphasizes on the importance of teamwork. It suggests that working with another person will not only reduce the burden but also it will increase the output. Collaboration brings diverse perspectives, skills and knowledge to the table.

Proverb 23: “Curiosity killed the cat”


Suppose you are given several warnings of not entering into places which are restricted for public to visit after the visiting hours. But you and your friends entered out of curiosity just to find that why it is not allowed to enter after visiting hours. This curiosity might lead to some dire repercussions. This proverb serves as a reminder to exercise caution. It suggests that being too nosy or inquisitive about matters beyond understanding may harm us in any way.

Proverb 24: “Good things come to those who wait”


Having patience is one of the key to success that can help you in reaching immense heights but be grounded to earth always. Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur. You will definitely face challenges in your initial stages of your start-up but that doesn’t mean you are a failed entrepreneur. Every time you are not losing anything; you are learning something. You will achieve success by not being so desperate to have profits but by performing your actions patiently will help you in becoming a successful entrepreneur. So, this proverb suggests that your patience, perseverance and dedication will be definitely rewarded positively.

Proverb 25: “There’s no place like home”


You must be reading my list of 25 proverbs in English with meaning in the comfort of your home only. This comfort, familiarity and emotional attachment we feel towards our own home is irreplaceable. Imagine yourself travelling for a longer period and you are very excited to go out. You would be thinking that you are bored by seeing the same walls but after some time, you would be missing that four familiar walls of your home. So, this phrase reminds us of the sense of belonging and security that comes from being in a familiar environment.


Here’s my post of 25 proverbs in English with meaning ends but your vocabulary learning journey will never end. I hope these 25 proverbs have offered with you valuable insights and timeless wisdom that can be applied to various aspects of life. Each proverb carries a profound meaning which will help you not only in improving your vocabulary but also to enhance your thinking.

The phrase “Every cloud has a silver lining” optimism even in challenging times while “Better late than never” reminds us that it’s never too late to start or complete something important. So, if you want to improve your English grammar, click here, to check out my previous post.

I will be coming with more exciting posts related to English Grammar. Stay updated!

Till then stay happy! Stay Healthy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the most famous proverbs?

All that glitters is not gold
Barking up the wrong tree
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
Ignorance is bliss

What are the five uses of proverbs?

It can help you when you are giving advice to someone, teaching students, using them in your speech, inspiring others and helps you in increasing your knowledge and understanding.

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