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Funny idioms

As we delve into the wonderful world of amusing funny idioms, get ready to laugh aloud. Idioms are vivid expressions that give our everyday language a dash of humour and playfulness. They are expressions that don’t always make sense literally but instead have a deeper meaning that frequently makes us smile.

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This blog post will discuss some hilarious funny idioms that will make you laugh out loud and make you smile. These idioms will make you laugh out loud while simultaneously leaving you scratching your head, with everything from cats and dogs falling out of the sky to monkeys conducting business.

Here we go with top 25 funny idioms!

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1. All wool and a yard wide

When your best friend possesses exceptional qualities and skills, and you are praising him/her in front of your other friends. But hey, this doesn’t mean that your friend is a sheep with all wool on his body! You can add this funny idiom to the praises of your friend. For instance: Nidhi does her job so well. She is all wool and a yard wide.

2. Barking up the wrong tree

Imagine you are in a jungle and you have lost your way. You hear some dogs barking in a faraway distance. You start following their voices and found there are no dogs but still you started barking up the wrong tree. Also, I’m sure you must have a friend who always tries to delay or deny your work. Maybe that friend could be your closest one. There is no point in approaching him again and again. This means that you are approaching the wrong person, that is, wrong tree. No, I am not calling you a dog but you can become one if you constantly approach him!

3. Cat got your tongue?

Well, imagine you are sitting under a tree, chilling and relaxing. Suddenly, a cat sneaks up and snatches your tongue! Yep, you will not be able to say something. You are staring at her speechless, wide-eyed with a tongueless face. he cat, with a mischievous twinkle in its eyes, proudly struts away, leaving you in a state of pure perplexity. So, this idiom is a funny rhetorical question. You can use this funny idiom in a teasing manner when your friend finds himself speechless after your unexpected, fantastic artwork.

4. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Imagine you’re sitting in your cozy chicken coop, waiting for your eggs to hatch into adorable little chicks. And without wasting a second, you started daydreaming about your fluffy chickens. You are planning for a chicken trip with tiny-sized chicken sunglasses. Also with some cute chicken dance added into it! But wait dear. Just because you are dreaming positive about everything does not mean you start expecting unrealistic. And you don’t want to do chicken dance wearing tiny sized chicken sunglasses alone, right? So, my feather friends, please be realistic in your expectations. (Expectation hurts:( )

5. Easy as pie

“Easy as pie”. This phrase does not make any sense to me. Have you ever tried to make a pie from scratch and that too very easily? It’s like a culinary adventure mixed with a comedy show. First, you just are trying to challenge the rebellious dough who does not want to cooperate with you at all. It’s like the dough is truly made just to stick to your fingers, not for your pastries. If someone says that making pastries is easy as pie, then they are clearly living in a parallel universe where pastry miracles happen so often!

6. Go bananas

Imagine, you are in your office and every sensible and sophisticated people there are turning into wild monkeys! That’s something called “go bananas”. A corporate building turns into a zoo where monkeys reign. They are throwing papers like peels of bananas and just enjoying their every moment like no one else is seeing. The moment you find yourself being caught, you just live your life like a robot. So when your life seems dull like a robot, just “go bananas”! Also don’t forget to share this funny idiom with your friends and family so that they could also enjoy their life like monkeys!!!

7. Happy as a calm

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This phrase is my favorite from my list of 25 funny idioms. Imagine yourself on a fluffy cloud, sipping cappuccino in your favorite mug. With your closed eyes, you are listening to various calm voices of nature and birds. Wouldn’t it be a feeling of bliss? I know this feeling is rare but you would definitely love it. That feeling is happy as a calm…..

Now come back to our blog post of 25 funny idioms and head to our next idiom!

8. Raining cats and dog

I’m sure you must have heard about the fights between cats and dogs. Imagine that the heaven above is showering cats and dogs in the form of rain. We humans surely could not handle them! They are likely to create chaos on this earth (but wait, I am not an animal hater) where umbrellas would not help us anymore. People would be running for cover, trying to dodge the airborne pets with their comically shocked faces. It’s a peculiar weather phenomenon where the heavens above have decided to stage the greatest pet parade, leaving us humans bewildered and in stitches! Simply, the heavy rain from heaven.

9. Keep your eyes peeled

Have you ever heard the gossipers gossiping? If yes, then you must have thought that how do they know everything? Because they keep their eyes peeled! No, they don’t peel their eyes off; they just stay alert about everything. It’s simply like becoming Sherlock Holmes! My Indian audience would be able to connect this gossiping characteristic with our evergreen gossiper aunts in every society!

10. Every cloud has a silver lining

Ever felt hopeless when you are about to open your fridge and suddenly found your favorite chocolate there? Thinking of buying something during your cash crunch but got that thing as a gift from someone? These small moments of happiness are crucial and they every time give a ray of hope and an essence of positivity. Don’t lose hope, my friend! Might be there’s a chocolate waiting for you in the fridge but reward yourself with a chocolate after reading my list of 25 funny idioms.

11. Money doesn’t grow on trees

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You might have heard this from your parents when they were scolding you not to become a spendthrift. But imagine a world where money grows on trees. Every season you would harvest your cash crop! Banks were hanging on the branches to give you as much money as you want. You would be using money fertilizers to double up your cash crop! But alas, the reality strikes our mind. Wake up day dreamers! You have to work hard and save money my friend!

12. Couch potato

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A “couch potato” is a rare species of human being who loves to be on the couch every time. They have mastered the art of immobility. They are literally a potato sitting on the couch and ordering snacks for themselves. They have a very intimate relationship with their snacks which magically disappear within seconds! Instead of muscles, they possess extraordinary thumb strength from endless button pressing. Beware of couch potatoes because they can make you work endlessly for themselves for hours without paying anything to you! They have done Ph.D. in Laziness with determination and success kiss their feet.

13. Zip your lip

Zip your lip is a phrase used when you want someone to stop talking and be quiet. Imagine you are in a formal meeting with your boss. But your colleague and your friend have been mistaken by calling it an informal meeting. Your friend is continuously talking like anything in front of your boss but you want him to shut their mouth. I know it’s very embarrassing, but you could use this idiom in this embarrassing situation.

14. Bite the bullet

Has your friend ever forced you to dance in front of your crush, knowing that you can’t dance? Tough situation, right? But there is no other choice. You have to dance because your crush too wants to see you dance. Sip mountain dew and go ahead because victory is beyond fear. At that time, you are biting a bullet by accepting irreversible challenges imposed on you. Go for challenges because you are a tough stone, my friend.

15. Hit the nail on the head

Imagine you are in your classroom or an office meeting and you just answered a question correctly (in a way your teacher/boss wants to be answered). Everyone is praising you! Then my friend, you just hit the nail on the head. No, you are not hitting someone, but you hit the right answer!

16. In the same boat

Imagine yourself and your colleague have not completed the presentation yet and the final day has arrived. You are very worried about the mood of your boss and you both don’t know what will happen in the battle room (oops! sorry, meeting room). You both are in the same boat where you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Whether you reach the shore or won’t!

17. Quick as a wink

Have you ever seen any ninja in Television ads who snatches the bucket of popcorn even before that person blinks? Isn’t that ninja being super active? But that’s what we call it quick as a wink. You must have completed your homework by copying it from topper’s textbook from your class. This idiom is also my favorite from my list of top 25 funny idioms. It indicates that you should complete your work quickly as a wink but wisely.

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18. Under the same roof

Now this idiom somewhat looks similar to this idiom- “in the same boat”. But it’s slightly different my friend. Imagine yourself in a home that somewhat looks like a circus. Monkeys are climbing on ceiling fans, parrots are continuously imitating voices, and meanwhile, a quirky chef burns every dish in the kitchen, and a rockstar practices his electric guitar at full volume. But then also you are living under same roof! Good luck finding a quiet corner to yourself!

19. Over the moon

When you find someone unable to describe their happiness or excitement in words, it means they are “over the moon”. They are not on Earth as they are feeling very light because of the lack of gravity or any kind of pressure on them. They are on a planetary adventure where they have reached the moon. The moon dwellers are shocked to see that person and they have no words to describe who that person is. But he doesn’t forget the moonwalk. So, if you ever find yourself “over the moon,” just make sure to bring your best dance moves and embrace the extraterrestrial festivities!

20. Slap on the wrist

Imagine yourself as a mischievous child sneaking up in the kitchen to quickly grab the cookie! But why are you strangely entering your kitchen? Because you are not allowed to eat more cookies. You are moving forward calmly and gently you open the jar but unfortunately, your mother caught you. She suddenly slapped you on your wrist. It’s more like a playful game than a punishment. So, the next time you misbehave, don’t be surprised if someone playfully taps on your wrist and says, “Bad cookie monster, but we still love you!”

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I know you are thinking about the cookie there in your kitchen and you want to eat the cookie right now but drink water so that you might not gain weight again and stick to my list of 25 funny idioms!

21. Knock your socks off

Imagine yourself in a magic show where the magician is showing mind-boggling magic tricks where a rabbit pulls a magician out of a hat and your socks are catapulted off your feet, doing somersaults in mid-air before landing in a heap. So this idiom is a hilariously exaggerated expression that depicts an event so astonishing or mind blowing that it literally sends your socks soaring through the air!

22. Saved by the bell

Trying to stay on a fake call when you don’t want any social contact, making fake gestures so that other people think you are a very busy person on this earth or your boss is coming, and you tried to fake a call with a client and thanking him that he loved your presentation. Now please don’t lie you have not done this ever! I know my friend everyone has done this once in their lifetime (even me but every time). That’s what called saved by the bell which is not real at all but it saved you from some complex situations. You can praise yourself for your acting skills!

23. A cat nap

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A cat nap is like a mini vacation in the dreamland, but only for cats. It’s when those furry little masters of relaxation take a break from their busy schedule of eating, napping, and ignoring all human beings (maybe not all). They curl up in a blanket at a purr-fect spot and pretend that they are listening to your boring stories. Her dreamland would be like catching mice in a row. If you’re tired but don’t want to listen to the gossip of your cousins, try this cat nap. Trust me, it will help you to get a purr-fect nap for your mind.

24. Beat around the bush

Have you ever taught your parents that other students also didn’t score well in their exams due to strict checking or telling them that your friends scored less marks than you? I know you definitely did this once in your life. You are just beating around the bush and not coming to the point that you did not study well this time. Well, I must recommend you that don’t beat around the bush dear, study well! If you are thinking of improving your grammar skills, then click here to know about the recommended proven tips!

25. All dressed up and nowhere to go

All dressed up and nowhere to go is like being the star of your own fashion show in your living room, where your audience consists of your cat, a potted plant and an unimpressed sock puppet. you’re decked out in your snazziest attire, ready to dazzle the world, but the world seems to have hit the snooze button and missed your grand entrance. It’s like wearing a superhero costume with no villains in sight or putting a tuxedo for a glamorous party that turn out to be a gathering of squirrels discussing acorn investments. In short you’re as prepared as a squirrel with a pocket full of acorns but lacking an oak tree to impress.


Here we are over with the list of my top 25 funny idioms. Do you know more funny idioms which I missed? Quickly comment down your list of 25 funny idioms that I’ve missed. Share your favorite funny idiom from my list of 25 funny idioms in the comments below and spread the laughter!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the most uncommon idiom?

To have a bee in one’s bonnet

What are the 25 idioms?

Break a leg
Piece of cake
Hit the nail on the head
Let the cat out of the bag
Spill the beans
Kill two birds with one stone
Raining cats and dogs
A piece of the pie
Barking up the wrong tree
When pigs fly
Under the weather
On thin ice
Cry over spilled milk
Break the ice
A blessing in disguise
Jump the gun
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch
I takes two to tango
The ball is in your court
Ou of the blue
A penny for your thoughts
Let sleeping dogs lie
A watched pot never boils
Actions speak louder than words
All ears

What are some great idioms?

Cutting corners
A dime a dozen
Cost an arm and a leg
Break the ice
Barking up the wrong tree
Spill the beans

What is the idiom of fun?

Bite the bullet
Hold your horses
Piece of cake

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